metanohi is a website created in 2009. It is the personal website of Niels G. W. Serup, a hacker in a world of non-hackers.

Historically, this start page has featured text which tried to be funny. It never really worked right, so now there's just a lot of footnotes.[evenmore].

Quick links

If you're not the type who crawls through the entirety of a website when you visit it (why not?), here's the author's pick of metanohi pages you should read:

Important note

This website is very broken (though its structural design is pretty ok). However, you probably won't notice it. Just keep in mind that the code running this site is unmaintained and poor; see for yourself at mege.


[evenmore]Not just a lot, but A LOT[alot]

[alot]Like, 3[alot2]

[alot2]No, more like 4[notfunny]

[notfunny]This footnote is not funny.[notsuperfluous]

[notsuperfluous]This footnote is not superfluous.[notfunny]

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