About Niels

I, Niels G. W. Serup, am the creator of metanohi. I was born in 1992 and live in Copenhagen, Denmark. I am a software developer by day and a hacker by night.

I have a Master’s degree in computer science from DIKU where I have also participated in the yearly student revue DIKUrevy, the Canteen association, among other things.


I can be contacted at ngws@metanohi.name. I also hang out as ngws in #diku on irc.freenode.net.

Things I use


Emacs is a nice text editor. Get it.


Firefox is okay.


StumpWM is a tiling, Emacs-like window mananger. It has fewer features than e.g. XMonad (another tiling wm), but it’s simple and understandable. I don’t even have to add a keybinding for running Emacs – it’s already there! Get it.


I run NixOS with only a small amount of proprietary software. Get NixOS.


I use the a modified variant of the Danish Dvorak keyboard layout. This is my ~/.Xmodmap:

keycode 108 = Mode_switch

keycode  34 = apostrophe acute quotedbl

keycode  21 = grave dead_caron dead_acute
keycode  35 = Tab equal backslash bar
keycode  36 = Return
keycode  49 = section brokenbar paragraph dead_circumflex
keycode  10 = 1 exclam onesuperior exclamdown
keycode  11 = 2 EuroSign twosuperior ssharp
keycode  12 = 3 numbersign threesuperior sterling
keycode  13 = 4 dollar onequarter currency
keycode  14 = 5 percent onehalf U2030
keycode  15 = 6 ampersand threequarters idotless
keycode  16 = 7 slash division braceleft
keycode  17 = 8 parenleft bracketleft eth
keycode  18 = 9 parenright bracketright ETH
keycode  19 = 0 equal braceright NoSymbol braceright

keysym a = a A at dead_diaeresis
keysym o = o O exclam dead_grave
keysym u = u U parenleft parenleft parenleft
keysym e = e E slash backslash slash backslash
keysym h = h H parenright parenright parenright
keysym t = t T asciitilde dead_tilde
keysym n = n N asterisk
keysym s = s S plus plusminus

keysym aring = aring Aring percent division
keysym comma = comma semicolon dollar
keysym period = period colon asciicircum dead_circumflex
keysym p = p P braceleft
keysym r = r R equal
keysym l = l L ampersand
keysym g = g G braceright
keysym c = c C numbersign

keysym q = q Q question
keysym k = k K bracketleft
keysym b = b B bracketright
keysym m = m M bar brokenbar
keysym j = j J Insert

I run these commands to properly enable it:

setxkbmap dk dvorak
setxkbmap -option ctrl:swapcaps
xmodmap ~/.Xmodmap

It works quite well.

Virtual existences

Most of these I don’t use actively.



ssh-rsa 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 ngws@metanohi.name


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https://hongabar.org/ is the main domain of the server that I share with a friend.