Riddles, jokes, and more

– What was the primary food source 100 million years ago in the approximate area of today’s Germany?

– Dinosauerkraut!

The apocalyptic landscape was no one’s friend. As another day dawned, The scrap dealer Scrap once again put on her protective gear and exited the cave on her roaring tricycle, ready for all challenges.

Scrap soon crossed paths with a chaotic rider, but managed to get away by driving safely. Good thing she brought the protective gear.

A person enters a bus and asks the driver how much a ticket costs. “2 units of the currency,” the driver responds. The person is confused: 2 of what currency? After two seconds, the driver hands a ticket, closes the doors, and starts driving. Cleverly, and with a satisfying sense of comprehension, the person realises that the currency was time, and the units were seconds. The bus then promptly stops, the driver looking perplexed. “Was I wrong?” the person wonders, as the driver picks up an LED lamp and touches the person twice. Nothing happens, the driver apologises for “forgetting the new rules”, and the person is thrown off the bus – after all, the person did not have two units of the state of being current. (The funny point is that rules can be unclear and change without making sense.)

– What’s the difference between a person X who studies the 279 Thule asteroid and a person Y who destroys it?

– X is thoughtful. Y just fought Thule.