Miscellaneous items

This page contains things that I couldn’t fit into other pages.

My official webcomic

I have an inactive webcomic called SUUM. It’s located at suum.metanohi.name.


Atem: a new word
A presentation of the new word ‘atem’ and why it’s so desperately needed
Combining PyGame and PyCairo
How to combine two Pythonic graphical frameworks
Digital sikring mod gennemførsel af eksamen en realitet
A text about the failings of digital education and “copy protection”. In Danish.
Et langt digt
(A Long Poem.) Et langt digt jeg skrev for noget tid siden fordi jeg ikke kan lide digte.
The Next Generation Programming Language
My Master’s Thesis
My master’s thesis, including an overview of it in Danish.
My NanoNote
I have a NanoNote.
My Universe
I have attempted to define a universe.
A new spoken and written language not in development.
Old junk code: Word finder
Less than perfect C code
Profeten, doktoren og videnskabsmanden
An old story
Sound Programming
Programming sound in Live-Sequencer and ChucK
Stadig digital sikring mod gennemførsel af eksamen
A text about the continuing failings of digital education and “copy protection”. In Danish.
The Trasbexian Flow Regulator
An old story
Two spaces
Not one.
Unhappy About Happy: A Reflection or Something Like That
Rant about Haskell’s parser “Happy”.
Unnamed Good Story
Wrote it because it was fun, stopped when it was not fun anymore.